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The Case of the Rebel Girl
The Case of the Rebel Girl

Gunther Petraeus is working in a trade not for the faint of heart, he’s a mercenary with a particular talent to find things and people. When he returns from an overseas deployment, he’s asked to find Susan, the secret daughter of an important client and, as a favor to a friend, to take in a civilian as an assistant, Angela Fletcher.

Angela is a former intelligence analyst, good at finding information on people in the digital world. Despite some alarming details in Angela’s file - she’s half Gunther’s age, she’s between jobs and living at her mother’s, no boyfriend and sentimentally damaged, with authority issues - a favor is a favor… Gunther cannot say no.


It doesn’t take long for Gunther and Angela to find out that Susan is a rebel, decided to settle some scores with the world. She does stuff - parties, alcohol, maybe drugs, she’s playing men. Nothing is as easy as it seems.

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